About the Miracle Party Foundation

Serving Childhood Cancer & Blood Disorder Patients & Families for Over 10 Years

Started in a hospital room in 2008, the Miracle Party has grown to be a one-of-a-kind event gala for childhood cancer and blood disorder patients and families.  A night to forget about treatments, sickness, and struggle and instead, party like never before.

The Miracle Party is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) organization providing this annual event for over 230 families and still growing.  In 2017 we hosted our 10th Anniversary Miracle Party and look forward to keep growing for the next decade.

It All Started with a Girl Named Kennedy & her Mother Stacy...

Started as an end of chemotherapy party, the Miracle Party has become the largest event gala for childhood cancer and blood disorder patients and their entire family in the world. 

Kennedy, now a healthy college student, has started something so much bigger than herself and she loves that hundreds of other children don't have to fight alone. 

Stacy Syphers wanted to give her girl a big party after 52-weeks of chemo, and it turned out to be a party that would last into the next decade and change lives all over the United States.  

The Miracle Party is a way to support our heroes and bring them the compassion and support of the entire community - especially during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month every September.  

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Miracle Parties
Miracle Families Every Year

All Fundraising Funds the Annual Event - 100% of Proceeds Benefit the Miracle Party Gala

The Miracle Party raises close to 50K per year to fund the annual event.  If more is raised it is applied to future annual gala's.  We are an all-volunteer team with over 75 volunteers working each event and have worked with hundreds of volunteers over the years.