Our Financials

Our Financial Disclosures

We are a small non-profit organization that plans and executes an annual event gala for over 200 childhood cancer / blood disorder families.  We are transparent and stick to our mission.  Our organization is ENTIRELY run by volunteers meaning there are no staff on salary.  Our organization spends 100% of it’s donations on the main annual program.

Financial Highlights:

  • We only raise our annual budget plus a small amount for operations (phone number, website hosting, etc)
  • If we raise more it is applied to future years.
  • We encourage donors to work year-round with other research foundations and non-profits to help cure the kids.
  • We do not receive enough in donations to require a Form 990 we only file to disclose transparency.

Financial Disclosures

2009 MP Financials Amendment
Title: 2009 MP Financials Amendment (0 click)
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2010 MP Financials
Title: 2010 MP Financials (0 click)
Filename: 2010-mp-financials.pdf
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2011 MP Financials
Title: 2011 MP Financials (0 click)
Filename: 2011-mp-financials.pdf
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2012 MP Financials
Title: 2012 MP Financials (0 click)
Filename: 2012-mp-financials.pdf
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2013 MP Financials
Title: 2013 MP Financials (0 click)
Filename: co-charitable-filing-signed-2013.pdf
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2014 MP Financials
Title: 2014 MP Financials (0 click)
Filename: 2014-mp-financials.pdf
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